Every woman who has ever been in a relationship has experienced the same thing; their man pulling away. It is common for you to go through a wave of emotions when this happens. You may think that he no longer loves you. You may think that the relationship is close to dying. You may even think that there is something wrong with you. Chances are that this is not likely to be the case. Men do pull away sometimes. They come back, but it may take a while. Here, we want to discuss a few of the top reasons as to why men pull away.

1) Stress

When it comes to why men pull away their interest, this one must be right at the top of the list. Men are unique. When they get stressed, they like to retreat. They like to take themselves away from the rigors of daily life and have some time to themselves. Women do not deal with issues like this so much. They talk to their friends and family. They may even talk to their partner. Therefore, it can be so difficult to accept when a man is doing this.

In many cases, all the signs are going to be there than your man is stressed. They may need to retreat as soon as they get home from work. They may start to talk a little bit about their life. You may even find them getting angry at the simplest of things.

It is important to note that the worst thing that you could possibly do here is to try and get your man to open. It will add more stress, particularly if you continue to press. The best thing you can do is give him the space that he needs to just unwind. Let him be himself for a while. If he wants to open up to you, he is going to do it naturally.

Another important thing to note is that if he does open up to you, just listen. When a man opens up, the only time he wants advice is when he is actively asking for advice. If he does not say he needs advice from you, don’t give it to him. This is another reason as to why men pull away his interest. They feel like you are trying to take control of their life. This is the absolute last thing that you want.

Finally; it is important to note that when men pull away due to stress, it is highly unlikely that it has anything to do with you. If it did, he would probably tell you. He is just pulling away because he knows that it would be unfair on you to offload absolutely everything there is about his life in one big go. Basically, it needs to be avoided!

2) You are Being Needy

This comes second on our list about why men pull away his interest. The thing about men is that they want to feel wanted. They want to feel desired. They do not want to feel needed.

Men love to be in relationships. Seriously. Contrary to popular belief, as long as a man is in a good relationship with a good woman, he is going to enjoy being in it. He is going to love being in it. However, he is only going to love being in it as long as he does not feel that he is sacrificing all the freedoms that he has in his life.

When you are being needy, you are demonstrating to him that you need him to be around all the time. It highlights that you are only going to be able to function providing he is there to help you to function.

If you come across as needy, it shows that you are not really developing as a person. It is important that you have your own goals and aspirations in your life. You need to be doing things on your own from time to time. If you can only do anything with him around, you are going to run into issues. It will feel like he is losing his freedom.

The best way in which you can deal with this reason as to why men pull away is to just to pull back and give him his space. You can focus on developing yourself as a person. You should be doing things for you. You should not be doing things in a bid to get him to care about you (although, he probably will)

The last thing you want to be doing here is overwhelming him with messages on social media, phone calls etc. This is going to cause him to pull away even more!

3) Relationship Doubts

Finally; relationship doubts. For when men pull away, this is something which is incredibly rare. Now, we must stress that there can be relationship doubts in even the happiest of relationships. For example; a man may think that he is not ready for a serious relationship. He may think that you are not the right woman for him. This could be for a multitude of different reasons. We really must stress here that when men pull away for this reason, it does not necessarily mean that they do not love you. They probably still do. He just thinks that the relationship is not really going anywhere.

The only thing you can really do here is wait it out. Until he ends the relationship, or if you look like it is dying, you can just keep going. You still have a chance. Communicate with him if you feel he is having doubts. Maybe you will be able to get some answers. Maybe you will be able to get some tips and tricks on how you will be able to improve.

The end of a relationship is not really going to be because of you. Relationships end for so many different reasons. If this relationship does not work out, know that there is a better one just around the corner.

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