How do I explain that feeling in words? It is a mixture of frustration and depression. The feeling when a man pulls himself away from a relationship after you become emotionally and sexually attached to him, is beyond words. What should a woman do to keep him interested? Are there any tips to make sure this does not happen? Through research and personal experience, I have got few secret codes to get a man attracted to you.

There are three mistakes women commit, in a relationship. Make sure you add these to your checklist, to avoid thinking why a man loses interest.

Mistake 1: Making you look needy and insecure

Do you know what attracts men first? The answer is confidence. On your first date, he would have been impressed by the confidence you have in you and the content of you being single, your independent lifestyle and in short, your self confidence. However, eventually during the relationship, the woman tends to become more obsessive, clingy and needy. Men sense these signs and will move apart from you and you will eventually ponder as to why a man loses interest in a relationship. The worst part is that the woman does not realize that she is clingy till the very end. Are you clingy? Here are some examples of being clingy;

  • a)You will express continuously that you want to spend a lot of time with him. You ditch your friends, change deadlines and plans to be with him.
  • b)You start to initiate things like calling him, planning for the next date and future.
  • c)You fall madly in love and let all your guard down, without realizing it.

Mistake 2: Chasing a man

Men love competition. He likes to be challenged to prove that he is best. Just rewind your initial days of dating and then you will understand why a man loses interest eventually. During the initial days of dating, you will never show exact signs of you being attracted or not and he will be around you planning dates and surprises to woo you. After many dates, you will fall in love show him that he won by sweeping your feet off. You will show him that you want to be with him and literally chase him with calls, messages. When there is no competition for him in you, he gets bored.

Mistake 3: Being everything he wants you to be

You would have changed your date hotel to sushi, just because he likes it. You would have said yes to any plans, he does for you. All these are simple things that a woman does by molding herself to fit to his taste. Do not make that mistake. Why a man loses interest if you mold yourself? Men like women who stand up with self confidence. This does not explain you to be stubbornness. There is a lot of difference between stubborn and ‘whatever, yes’ mannerism.
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