Though falling in love is easy, staying in love is comparatively harder. Many women are caught completely off guard when their man starts to lose interest. In such a situation, the future of your relationship will depend, a lot, on how you react. So here a few things that you could do, if you are ever faced with such a situation

1.Give him space

Giving him space is important all the time, but it is more important when he is shutting down. You may not know the reason why he is doing it. So give him the space to work it out himself. Just let him know that whatever he needs, you are there. Do that and he will come to you, when he is ready.

2.Do not cling to him

Being clingy and needy is a major turn off, for every guy. Thus, if you sense that your man is pulling away, do not cling to him. Do not push him for answers, when he might be struggling to find any. Doing so will only make him lose the interest he has left in you.

3.Find out if you did anything wrong

While it is good to give your man some space and let him sort out everything himself, you could use the time, to evaluate yourself. Think deeply about yourself and your relationship. Try to understand what has changed from the time you were smitten with each other. Find out if it is something you did and, fix it if you can. If it is something you did and, you cannot or does not want to fix it, end things immediately.

4.Evaluate your relationship

Instead of jumping to conclusions, think about everything. Evaluate your relationship to find out what went wrong. Find out if there is actually anything wrong, or you are simply projecting your fears on to him.

5.Do not play the blame game

Whenever something goes wrong, it is easier to blame each other, than to find out what actually happened. So do not blame yourself or him for what has happened. Find the real reason and make sure that will never happen again. You will feel neglected and worthless, when he pulls away. Therefore, it is very easy to resent him, when he reconnects. Instead of doing that, just show him how genuinely happy you are, that he is back. Seeing how sensible you are about the entire affair, he will understand what a remarkable woman you are.

6.Have an open conversation

If you feel that your man is pulling away and you have no idea why, ask him directly. This is the simplest and easiest thing to do here. Have an open, calm conversation with him. Try to find out the reason why he is doing this and decide if you will be able to mend it. If he does not have an answer or if there is nothing you can do about it, end it. There is no point in wasting anymore of each other’s time, being in a relationship, with no future.

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