Every woman who ever lived, except probably Eve, must have wondered at one point or another how to make a man fall hopelessly in love with her. Though it may seem very difficult, winning over a man’s heart is easy, if you have the right attitude. So, here we will look at some tips to make your man yours, forever.

1.Have amazing confidence

There is no man who can resist a confident woman who is sure of herself. Confidence can work wonders in a person. To be confident, tell yourself that you are awesome. Tell it, until you start believing it yourself. Along with that, work on your body language. Having the right body language can make you look confident.


Always have a smile on your face. A smile makes anyone ten times more beautiful, in a second. Nobody likes a person who is a downer to his or her happiness. Giving your man a genuine smile at the end of a rough day will make his day better immediately. It will be impossible to not fall in love, with a woman who smiles.

3.Look great

It is no secret that men love good-looking women. So make a little effort to look your best. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or try to look like Scarlett Johansson. All you have to do is to find clothes that emphasize your best features and add a little make up. Let your man know that he is worth all the trouble.

4.Take an interest in his interests

Take the time and know your man’s interests and hobbies. Find out ones you will be able to share with him and do that. It is proven fact that couples who does a lot of activities together, stay together longer. Along with that, share your interests also with him. You should never fake interest. If you have nothing in common now, find things that are new to both of you and do them together.

5.Forgive and forget

Be forgiving up to a certain extent. Don’t get hung up on things too much. Men do stupid things, all the time. Keeping score, like a bitter person, is one of the easiest ways to make a man lose his interest. You may and will fight. As soon as a fight is over, make up and leave the matter forever. Never bring it up later, during another fight. Don’t scold him all the time or you will soon become his mother.

6.Be his best friend

Every man’s dream is to be with a girl who is not just gorgeous but also his best friend. So, be a good friend. Let him know that you are there, for him. When he is weak, be the person to support him. Try to be funny and smart. There is no way a guy can resist those qualities.

7.Give him some room

Understand that your man has a life of his own, just like you. So give him the freedom to hang out with his friends and have some fun. Don’t try to keep tabs on his whereabouts, all the time. It can get annoying very fast. This will also give him a chance, to miss you.

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