How do I know if he is interested? How do I make this more than just a passing fling? If these are your thoughts when you are with your man, then you are not alone. Many men, although open for dating, hesitate when it comes to offering the long term commitment that most women desire. While some women prefer to deal with it with open ultimatum, others just sit around wondering why man loses interest and what can be done to get him, beyond the dating chapter.

By choosing the ultimatum option, there is more harm done, than good. By giving him statements like “Now or Never”; “My way or High-way” you are only pushing him to the wall and getting him all worked-up. This is not a solution, if you are looking for an exclusive relationship and this approach may actually make your man, take an undesirable decision, jeopardizing your entire relationship.

However, this does not mean, you just offer everything that you have and then hope that he likes it so much that he would, in turn, offer commitment. This is a complete faux-pas and a definite No-No approach. So be it physical or monetary or social support, everything offered, should have certain defined boundaries. Giving in completely to physical wants, adjusting all of your routines just to accommodate him, offering excessive financial support, all of these will just encourage him to take you for granted and etch an image of you being too easy to get and again will not compel him to offer any kind of commitment.

This situation needs to be dealt with, with a degree of delicacy and of course, some smartness. As a starter, ensure you understand why man loses interest, in the first place; understand what keeps him interested and offer it, in installments. Make sure you have your own private life, outside of his orbit and that you hang out with mutually exclusive friends, once in a while. The old saying of “get the man to chase you” is not overrated. It is indeed true that chasing you actually gets the man more attracted to you. Allow the man to chase you around for a while (Don’t overdo it though!) and when he does get a hold of you, make sure you spend some quality and amazing time with him.

You should also create a sense of independence and make him aware that you are able, to lead a perfectly happy life and you are also a decision maker irrespective of the kind of relationship you share. This gives him a sense of feeling that you are an able woman with some serious outlook when it comes to life and relationships. While it is hard to understand why man loses interest and how to actually get him into an exclusive relationship and more importantly stay committed, in an adverse situation, this independence is what will come to your rescue. You would not want to be left high and dry and all shattered if things do not work out.

After having worked hard on the relationship if your man still makes you think “why my man loses interest” and you have no signs of an exclusive relationship, then the warning bells ought to go off. He, for all you know, is not the right person and it is surely time to move on.

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