Hey girl, I’ll explain you exactly how to get a guy to like you, but only if you are ready to hear brutally honest, no BS tips. I won’t tell you fairy tales about being romantic and all that kind of stuff, that won’t help you to get him to like you. For a start, here are 3 tips for getting a guy to like you more in no time.

1. You won’t get a guy to like you, if you don’t believe that you can get him to like you.

I know this sounds simple, and usually it is. We often make it much more complicated that it really is. Give that guy some slack. To get a guy to like you You have to start THINKING like a Guy thinks. When you are totally insecure, self-conscious, worrying too much about stuff that doesn’t matter at all, you’ll blow your chances with this guy immediately.

The main reason a girl can’t get a guy to like her is because she believes that she could never get him, or that she doesn’t “deserve” him. Then a few weeks later you see that guy with some other girl and you think “What does she have that I don’t?” – exactly! She believes in herself and you don’t! That’s why she’s with that guy and not you! Don’t let your low self-esteem stop you from getting the guy you want to like you ever again. Make that promise to yourself.

2. SHINE with positive energy and sexuality by looking great!

Listen, I have something important to tell you. Guys are ANIMALS and they think with their dicks. That’s a fact. We all know that, but just never really want to admit it. So, what are you going to do about that, and how can that fact get a guy to like you? You have to constantly work on your appearance. Smell good, look good, and work out regularly.

I know this sounds superficial, but it’s the truth. A guy can’t fuck your personality. So EVEN IF you are a great person, you’re funny and charming, but you are 200lbs overweight, it won’t be as easy for you to get a guy to like you, especially not the one that YOU want.

The only way to have more choices between better guys is to take care of your looks. This doesn’t mean that you should become over-concerned with your looks and start behaving like a total psycho. Looks aren’t everything, but they’re at least 70% of your success with guys. Look great and you’ll FEEL great about yourself – and that will show. When you feel great in your body, you RADIATE self-confidence and sexuality – and this will be attractive to every guy.

3. Don’t be too easy

If you like a guy, you don’t have to throw yourself into his lap. Be a challenge. When a guy gets something too easily, he doesn’t value it as much as when he has to fight for it. Why? Because when we put effort into getting something and invest our time into, once we get it, it’s much more valuable. Now, this also doesn’t mean that you should make retarded rules like “We only sleep after the 37th date” – as that also won’t get you far. Find a balance.

Think before you do something. Girls that are too easy for a guy that women chase anyway are girls that guys only sleep with for a night and never consider for a long term relationship. Another way to get a guy to like you is if he feels that, in case you end up being together, he knows that you won’t be a “cling on.”

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