There have been millions of articles written over the years on how you could land the perfect man, and you must have read at least some of them. So let us make one thing clear in the beginning itself. There is no one sure shot way to get a man attracted to you. But there are a combination of factors that will make you more attractive to any man and will one day lead you to your perfect man. So here are a few tips to get a man attracted to you and to keep him interested:

1.Be confident

Confidence is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs in the world. Nobody can resist a woman who is confident in herself. To build up your confidence, believe that you are awesome. Remind yourself every day that you are beautiful, both inside and outside. So be happy and be yourself. Any man will be attracted to a happy, confident woman.

2. Look your best

Men are visual creatures. Hence, to attract a man, looking your best is essential. Looking good does not mean having the looks of a movie star, but rather looking and feeling good, in your own skin. Find clothes that suit your body and personality. Give emphasis to your best attributes while dressing.

3. Maintain healthy body language

Having a good body language is similar to being confident. Whenever interacting with a man you are interested in, hold his attention. Keep the right amount of eye contact without being creepy and also, keep yourself open. But most importantly, smile! Nothing beats a beautiful, honest smile.

4. Befriend him

Be a good friend to him. Talk to him, understand him and support him. Be funny and smart. It’s an irresistible combination. Find common interests and start conversations.

Now that you have your man, keeping him interested in you, is the next big step. Here, we will see why men lose interest so fast and what can be done to keep them interested.

1. Do not be possessive, give him space

Being overly possessive is a big turn off for any guy. While a certain amount of possessiveness is usual in relations, learn to keep it, in check. Give your man his space. Just like you have your girlfriends, understand that he has his own friends too. Don’t treat your man wanting to spend a night out with his guy friends, as the end of the world. Maintaining your individual identities is crucial to the success of every relationship.

2. Find out his likes and dislikes

A very easy way to make your man lose interest in the relationship is to make it all about you. Learn about your man’s likes and interests. Find out what his hobbies are and try to take part in them as much as you can.

3. Do not let yourself go

A lot of people believe that once you are in a relationship, it is no longer required to look good. It is usually because once you get comfortable with a person, you begin to care less. So take some time to take care of yourself. That does not mean that you have to look red carpet ready all the time, but as we said earlier, men are visual creatures. Thus, you should make sure you put in some effort to show him that he’s worth it.

4. Tell him you love him

As people get used to each other in a relationship, they often forget to express their love for each other in obvious terms. So don’t always depend on your man, to be the romantic one. Make him a surprise candle light dinner, leave naughty or romantic notes where only he will find them, or even an unexpected kiss in a lonely elevator can do wonders for your relation. Remember, there are hundreds of ways, to keep the spark alive. You just have to find the ones that are right for you and your partner.

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