Get A Man Back After A Break Up

Are You trying To Get A Man Back? Has The Break Up Left You Heartbroken? Discover Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back & What To Do If He Is Resisting You!


Breaking up with your boyfriend can have emotional and physical effects on you. This is especially true if you were madly in love with him and he literally meant the world to you. Even with the break up, you may still have emotional feelings towards him and would do anything possible to get him back. Well, this is not rocket science neither does it take some form of magic to get him back. If you badly want him back, then these seven tips may come in handy for you if well executed.

When a break up / relationship meltdown happens, the person who was dumped normally reacts to having lost something important to them. So in essence, we immediately ‘bend over backward’ in trying to pull that person back in.

By doing so, we often resort to begging, pleading, and bargaining… On the other hand, the one that is ‘pushing’ themselves away becomes more distant. The more you pull, the more they push. Pulling equals retreat! We pull and pursue that which retreats from us.

In addition, do you realize how intuitive men are? Do you know that men can actually see right through our insecurities? Do you know that the single worst attraction mistake, and the one thing that turns a man off worse than anything, and destroys any ounce of respect he might still have, is YOU showing signs of desperation?

While it’s extremely hard to do, find it within yourself to avoid showing signs of desperation.

Remember to VALUE yourself.
Never fall into the temptation of feeling miserable after the break up. This is the time you need to value yourself more than ever before and understand that you have your pride to defend. If you really want to win his attention once again, then the idea is to show him how special and principled you are. Do not go about chasing after him and asking for one more chance. Doing this will even push him further away.

Do not get jealous.
Nobody like someone who tracks them day and night and closely monitor what they do. The simple fact that you are not together anymore does not mean that you should act like he owns you an explanation. In order to get him back, stop being too inquisitive or act in a manner that will show that you are jealous. Give him a breathing space and let him choose to have you back. Do not exert pressure on him or things will only get worse.


Learn to be patient.
Although it may come as a surprise to learn that you are single again, you need to be patient as relationships do not crumble overnight. Regaining his attention will not happen instantly, so simply back off.

Be mysterious.
Men are enchanted by women who are mysterious in nature. Part of the strategy, therefore, involves finding a new you and becoming a whole new and better person he would love to uncover. Keep parts of yourself obscure or hidden from him to keep him guessing what it is that he didn’t know about you.

Don’t lose control of yourself.

He quits calling and you call more. His messages are shorter and yours get longer. He pulls away and you hold on tight. He becomes impatient, backs off and needs space. You, on the other hand, become the ‘irritating’ pest (perception of course), drilling him for answers as to why the change in behavior, and what he might be ‘thinking’.

The more you push, the more he pulls away. The more you chase, the more he runs. The more you give, the more he takes. How do I know? Because I have there! I have interviewed so many women who have also been there!

Any break up elicits negative emotions to run high. If you display anger, shame and contempt, you probably will be reminding him of why exactly he left you. On the contrary, try and be jovial, charming and display sweetness that will draw his attention once more.


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