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Get A Man Attracted & Keep A Man Interested In You – Secrets From The Minds Of Men

Dear Friend,

Are you in a middle of a relationship situation which keeps you wondering ‘how to keep him interested’? If so, you have hit the bull’s eye. It may sound like an impossible dream to think of a way of making the process of dating and staying in a fulfilling relationship, effortless and extremely fun? Have you ever thought that there is a way to end all the uncertainty you feel about going nowhere in a relationship? This can prove to be true, if we find out why man loses interest in a relationship. Are you the kind of person who feels confused and irritated about your man’s sudden change in behavior? Do you ever think why man loses interest, he had, during the initial stages of the relationship?

You are not alone

Most of the women jam up in the dilemma as whether they have made the right move or not. You meet a guy in a coffee shop and you end up on dating for a couple of times and suddenly he vanishes, without any call or message. You will be breaking your head to know which the right move is. Should you wait for him to call? Is it better to leave a message or is it better to call him? Should you initiate a dinner or should you wait for him to ask? The last thing you want to do is to show yourself as needy and desperate or push the man, further away from you.

For another instance, you have found a guy and the chemistry, attraction and sex is so perfect for you and you finally think that you found your soul mate. Things suddenly change without any warning. He seems to move away from you or show less interest in the relationship.

Why man loses interest when he was so attracted to you in the beginning of the relationship?
Why does he say the right words to sweep you off the feet and when the moment comes when you feel intimate, he disappears slowly or sometimes very quickly. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Do you think you are not in any of the situation described above? Then this example will be more appropriate. Have you ever met a guy who attracts you like an insect to light and ever before you knew, you are sleeping with him?

Women, all their lives, live independently and very much alone focusing on their career and goals while waiting for the Prince Charming, to come, their way. Finally, when the right guy comes in and starts a relationship, plethora of questions, strike her mind. Women may think too much about what their boyfriends would think and react, if they behave in a particular way. When things end up badly, one might list out questions like, ‘Do I repel men?’ or ‘What was my wrong move?’ or ‘Am I too demanding or needy?’ etc.

There will come a night when you might probably be sitting in your bed thinking what makes a man who was so attracted to you to suddenly lose interest in you. Why did the man who chased you everyday to make you like him, suddenly seem to create distance?

The best remedy will be to make him speak. Usually, he will end up saying nothing or he may give out a simple or silly reason. It is really hard for a woman to digest the fact that her guy suddenly loses interest in her. That is the end of the world for her. I know how it feels to think that he is trying to move away from you. I am a woman and I could sense the gripping thought of losing a man’s interest.

I have been in these situations. I have seen many friends falling into this crater of questions and rejections. I have interviewed a lot of women who have been in many different scenarios of relationships.

Solution – play his game

How to get a man attracted to you? The simple rules will be playing the relationship game with a strategy. Understand that men can go to any degree to prove his love to you. He is motivated to conquer you. This game has no instruction manual and woman has to beat her man, in his game.

The first rule is to always keep your chemistry burning. You should always keep him stimulated. This is not about sexual stimulation, this game needs mental emotion along with physical attraction. Remember that any strategy you use in the relationship should be ‘man pleasing skills’ strategy and not ‘man catching skills’ strategy.

Men need stimulation of something that is hard to get, to stay without being bored. That is why the initial days of your relationship glow with passion. The best way to keep it the same way is to create intense attraction between you and him.

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What is the best action when your guy starts to create distance?

If you are serious about the relationship and do not want to make one simple move and scare him away, this e-book will be very helpful.

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